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Best Boba Places in Sydney

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Sydney Australia has a lot of really neat things to look at, Opera houses and more! The food and beverage scene in this place is also quite elegant too. Although we aren’t going to mention much about the attractions in Sydney (even though they’re very cool), we will let you know of the best boba places in Sydney. If you’ve been asking yourself where can you get boba tea, bubble tea or milk tea in Sydney you’ve found the right spot.

Down below are a few places that we found to be super delicious and very consistent with the boba tea. And yes, the boba pearls or tapioca pearls are also very consistent too! Nothing is worse going to a boba shop and having a great experience but then the 2nd time you visit it’s not the same at all from when you first had it. We’ve been there, unfortunately… but let’s begin the best boba places in Sydney, no more waiting!

Read best boba tea places in Sydney below.

Bubble Nini

Popularly known for its beautiful teas, Bubble Nini has become a popular boba destination amongst many Australian locals. Located in Chippendale, this shop allows for aesthetic Instagram photos (what’s not to love about that) and has a unique taste for their teas. If you want a milky drink or a refreshing one this shop is for you! Many of the drinks come with a specific type of boba such as strawberry boba or matcha boba. If you’re looking for a beautiful flower and boba shop in one, this is the place for you!

Some very popular go to bubble tea flavors here at Bubble Nini are their matcha boba, strawberry kisses boba, and regular black milk tea. Our favorite has to be the strawberry kisses flavor, it’s creamy with the right amount of tart flavor from the fresh strawberries. It’s absolutely delicious! If you’re around Australia and have a hard time finding a place to visit, Bubble Nini should be your first stop.

Song Tea

Song tea is certainly one of the best places for Instagram photos and to hang out with your boba friends. With a ball filled pool and claw machines at the back, it is certainly a great place to go with friends. Not only is the place cute but the logo design is absolutely to die for! If you’re looking for a nice sweet tea and a place to take pretty pictures Song Tea is a great place to go!

While you’re in awe about the decorations and machines in this boba shop, you’ll be wondering what boba flavor to be getting too. Here are some boba tea favorites from this place that many people recommend. And of course, we do too! Brown sugar pearl milk tea, strawberry bubble tea and matcha bubble tea are some of the best flavors here at Song Tea. Give them a try if you can!

Maybe drinking their bubble tea will spark the singer in you.

Yan Tea

Yan Tea is a great fruit tea place that is both delicious and peaceful. The fruit tea shop is located beside many restaurants which makes it extremely easy to access. It is known for its fruit teas with cheese foam that are absolutely delicious! The atmosphere is a great place to study in and drinks make it easy to focus too. The fruit teas can be sweet or even slightly bitter meaning that it caters to a range of different taste buds. The strawberry and cheese foam drink is the most popular drink.  With a sweet yet salty touch, it’s almost impossible to not enjoy the drink. Bitter drinks include the grapefruit cheese foam that many people also enjoy.

If you want a refreshing fruit filled tea on a hot summer’s day Yan Tea is the place to go!

Tea Shop Express

On a day to day basis, this store has the longest lines in Sydney. True to their name, their popularity results in a very speedy ordering process. At first glance, one may think it is because they run a buy-one-get-one-free deal every day but this is the bonus, not the drawcard. The star of this store is their tea which possesses impressive strength and complexity. Our favorite is their Oolong TKY Milk Tea. Its full-bodied roasted flavor is matched well by its pleasant grassy notes. Other standouts include their wake-me-up strength Taiwan Breakfast Milk Tea and their silky smooth Taro Milk Tea. Boasting a very extensive menu, they also carry a wide range of toppings, my favorite being their herbal jelly for its firm texture. Even with the buy-one-get-one-free promotion, it will take you a while to exhaust their options. That is if you don’t get hooked on a few favorites.

Enjoy Tea

The award for best pearls in Sydney goes to a little hole-in-the-wall store in Eastwood. We recommend their brown sugar milk tea for its robust black tea flavor and hints of freshly ground coffee. However, what makes this store special to me is their pearls. They are soaked in freshly-made brown sugar syrup which blends with the tea in your mouth, imparting just the right amount of extra sweetness. The syrup is also well-infused in the pearls so that each bite releases a deliciously sweet plume of goodness. Wonderfully bouncy and tasty, we find ourselves looking forward to every chew, meaning the pearls alone make Enjoy Tea a worthy visit!

Bubble tea here in Australia is somewhat a big thing if you’re actually into boba. There are many other places that we haven’t explored and we’d love for you to add those suggestions. The more boba shops you recommend to us the more we can add to this list and continue growing it. We know you know of a secret spot that you don’t share with people, but maybe you’d like to share it with Talk Boba family! Comment your suggestions down below for the best boba places in Sydney Australia and we’ll be sure to add it.

And lastly, please share this with your friends who want to grab some boba tea, bubble tea or milk tea. We’d love for them to learn more about Talk Boba. And as always, just talk about boba, duh!

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