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Boba Flavors You Haven’t Tried Yet

Everyone’s tried the classic boba or bubble tea flavors like these but what about the ones that are so unique and hard to find, that it only exists in one or some locations around the world. Some even only located from China or the United States. These boba flavors, though not classics (yet), are definitely worth a try! 

Our team in the office started brainstorming and researching what boba flavors are out there that people might not already know about. You know, the ones that are different from taro milk tea or thai milk tea. Some hidden gems if you will! We went searching for these amazing flavors and now we absolutely have to share it with our audience. It’s not good to be selfish about boba flavors right? After all, friend groups share boba flavors all the time! 

Doesn’t a boba trip go something like this… You go out with your friends for a boba run, everyone orders a different flavor and each person takes their turn trying each new flavor? We sure do! It’s an amazing way to connect and try new flavors with friends or the @talkboba team! (As long as you don’t think it’s weird right?) 

Here’s a sneak peak of the flavors below.

  • Creme brulee bubble tea 
  • White rabbit candy bubble tea
  • Korean banana milk bubble tea
  • Brown sugar pearl bubble tea
  • Hojicha bubble tea

Anyways, let’s dive into the 5 boba flavors that you haven’t tried yet, but should! 

Crème Brûlée Boba

Crème Brûlée Boba
Crème Brûlée Boba from @royalteaus

Okay seriously, whoever started the idea of creating a crème brûlée flavored bubble tea or boba drink is absolutely genius! Think about it… the deliciousness and sweetness of the delicate custard and the smoky flavor of the roasted sugar on top, it can’t get much better than that! 

If you don’t know already, crème brûlée like we mentioned is a dessert that includes a rich custard in a bowl or cup that is topped with sugar on top that is caramelized with a kitchen blowtorch sort of like this. The soft delicate texture of the amazing custard paired with the crunchy and smoky caramelized sugar on top is loved by many! 

Want your hands on this boba flavor? We found a boba cafe that creates this flavor by the name of Royal Tea. They pride themselves in picking the best loose leaf tea, freshly brewing tea when you order and serving only the freshest boba toppings. With over 130 locations in China and now rapidly growing in the US, Royal Tea is quite the contender for bubble tea. Check out more of what they have here. 

White Rabbit Candy Bubble Tea

White Rabbit Candy Bubble Tea
White Rabbit Candy Bubble Tea from @eats_me_gene

Remember that creamy white rabbit candy that you used to snack on that somehow was always in the house? That creamy white rabbit candy is now made into a boba flavor! 

If you haven’t tried the candy before, its texture is very similar to a tootsie roll or salt water taffy (who remembers these?) that you’d get at the boardwalk. With a flavor profile of milkiness, creaminess and a good amount of sweetness you might find yourself snacking on this more and more, especially as a kid anyways. We know some of us on the team snacked on this a lot! 

If you want to taste nostalgia be sure to take a look at this boba cafe for this flavor. Located in Vancouver Canada, Intea proudly serves their white rabbit candy boba flavor in one of the most popular locations for bubble tea. Being home to many other great boba cafes, you know you’ll have a great boba tasting in Vancouver whenever you visit. See more about Intea here! 

Korean Banana Milk Boba

Korean Banana Milk Boba

If you’re Korean, you’ve definitely had one or many of these tiny banana milk drinks as a kid. They’re just as popular as the yakult yogurt drinks that Chinese people grew up with! Let us know if you know what we’re talking about! The Korean banana milk drinks have a flavor profile of a sweet and milky hint of banana that makes you want to drink 5 at a time. Maybe even more! 

Made popular as a boba flavor with their ‘elevated take’ on it, Boba Guys popularly known in California and New York City have made a unique twist inspired by this drink. Bringing some nostalgia back into the modern boba world, they offer the Korean banana milk boba flavor made with all natural ingredients and the freshest toppings you can find. 

If you don’t know them already, just look for the aardvark logo on a cup, that’s them! 

Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea

Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea

You might’ve tried this boba flavor already but for those that haven’t, this is a must try at least once! It’s become very popular amongst boba cafes in Taiwan, the US and other parts of the world. May boba cafes have been adopting the flavor with their own version.

Made with your typical milk tea base but instead of the traditional sweeteners it uses brown sugar pearls for the sweetness factor. The brown sugar pearls not only have great texture in the chew but the sweetness that comes from it is quite different. There’s a smoky element to the flavor profile when using brown sugar, adding more depth into the milk tea itself. If you didn’t catch on already, it’s very delicious! 

Tiger Sugar being one of the most popular boba cafes to create this boba flavor is a great start for tasting. Some even say they were the first to pioneer the aesthetic of tiger stripes with the brown sugar, making it a very well known boba flavor today. See the stripes here! 

Hojicha Milk Tea 

Hojicha Milk Tea

Hojicha is a unique experience different than the traditional milk tea made with loose leaf black tea. It’s a Japanese green tea brewed differently than traditional methods, which gives it its robust flavor. The Japanese green tea gets its unique taste and flavor profile by being roasted in a porcelain pot usually over charcoal at a very high temperature. Doing this creates a darker appearance almost reddish brown for the green tea, making it appear like black tea. It can be mistaken for black tea but don’t be fooled, Japanese Hojicha is pleasantly different!

The flavor profile has a roasty and nutty flavor to it, making it quite unique and the perfect balanced tea for a great milk tea flavor. A great creamery that also creates delicious bubble tea by the name of L’moon Creamery has a great tasting Hojicha milk tea. It’s organic and full of high quality ingredients, making your experience with Hojicha one to remember. See more about it here! 

Have you tried any of these flavors? Maybe or maybe not. If you have, please let us know how you think they are, some of these flavors we haven’t even tried yet! We’d love to know if they’re all about the hype. If you want to see what classic boba flavors are, go ahead and read this. Like always, just talk about boba, duh! 

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