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Delicious Purple Yam Boba Pearls Recipe (Ube Pearls)

Here’s a step by step recipe on how to make purple yam boba pearls. Otherwise known as ube boba pearls.

Not to be mistaken by tapioca boba pearls

This recipe is from the amazing boba lover @bytiffaney. She’s a foodie based out of Vancouver, Canada. And let us inform you, she loves all things sweet (and sushi). Feel free to visit her Instagram and say thank you for this delicious ube boba pearls recipe. 

Here’s an image of how they turned out below. How vibrant and inviting do purple yam boba pearls look? 

Continue scrolling to learn how to make purple yam boba pearls at home (step by step). 

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Prep Time

5 Minutes

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Cook Time

25 Minutes

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Total Time

30 Minutes

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1-2 Servings

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Purple Yam Boba Pearls

How to Make Purple Yam Boba Pearls (Ube)

Step 1

Let’s begin by peeling your purple yams and then carefully cut them into small discs. 

Once you’re finished cutting your purple yams into discs, steam them until soft. The purple yams should be soft enough so that you can mash them together. It should have a mashed potato-like consistency.

This whole process takes about 10 to 15 minutes. 

Note*: If you chose to add sugar to your purple yam or ube boba pearls, add them during this step. Mix thoroughly and set aside to cool. 

Step 2

The purple yams may need a bit of hydration before adding the tapioca flour. So we’ll add 1 tsp of water to the mix and stir thoroughly. 

If it still appears too dry, you may add the rest of the water we specified in the ingredients list (2 tsp total). 

Carefully add water as needed, otherwise, the dough will become too sticky.

Step 3

Now let’s add the tapioca flour.

You can start with a small handful of flour and begin kneading everything together. Continue kneading until all the flour is incorporated and your dough is soft. The texture you’re looking for is similar to how you would normally make tapioca boba pearls. 

Step 4

Once your dough is ready, roll into logs about 1 cm in diameter. Then cut your logs into sections that are also about 1 cm in length. 

Begin rolling the sections of dough that you cut off into the shape of boba pearls. Your skills with Play-doh as a child will come in handy with this! 

During this step, we like to sprinkle more tapioca flour. Feel free to lightly add more tapioca flour as you make your ball shapes. Your purple yam dough should not be sticking to each other. 

Step 5

Now, all we have to do is cook our purple yam dough. 

Bring your pot of water to a boil and submerge your dough into the boiling water. Once the purple yam boba pearls rise to the surface, you may take them out. We recommend placing them into an immediate ice bath so they do not overcook and remain chewy. 

The texture is important! 

Step 6

Last but not least, serve with milk or milk tea. We found that these flavors work best with purple yam pearls but you can always try your favorite bubble tea. 

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