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What is a Boba Straw?

A boba straw or a bubble tea straw is used to drink milk tea with boba pearls. These straws are made wider than your typical drinking straw because tapioca pearls need a bigger opening in order to fit these delicious add-ons. Otherwise, it will get stuck and you won’t be able to enjoy your delicious milk tea with boba pearls! 

It’s rare to not find any boba straws around barista counters in most popular bubble tea shops like Kung Fu Tea, Coco, Xing Fu Tang, etc. 

Boba straws aren’t only made to sip on tapioca pearls though. They’re great for sipping on milk tea with other add-ons too. Some popular add-ons for bubble tea include grass jelly, egg pudding, sweet red beans, and more. You can find the most popular add-ons to milk tea here if you’re interested. 

Where Can I Buy Boba Straws? 

If you’re looking to buy some boba straws you can always find them in your local Asian market. Generally, you can find them in your utensil aisles but if you’re having trouble finding them in-store, maybe online can be easier. 

There are a few different types of boba straws that you can find, both online and in-store. 

Without a doubt you can find your usual plastic boba straws in a variety of colors shown here. But many people are gravitating towards a more sustainable way of drinking their milk tea with metal boba straws or biodegradable boba straws

How Wide are Boba Straws?

We all know why boba straws are made to be wide. It makes it so much easier to grab those little delicious boba pearls.

Your usual boba straws are .40-.50 inches in diameter. You might find some that are varying in size due to the manufacture or brand. For example these metal straws from HIWARE are .50 inches wide. Whereas these plastic bubble tea straws are .40 inches wide.

How Long is a Bubble Tea Straw?

Length isn’t as important as the width for boba straws, but we’ll mention this too. After all, it’s still important to have a straw length that fits the size of a normal boba cup.

Can you imagine a straw that won’t fit, how infuriating!

Just like the width, the size for length will vary depending on the maker and brand. Generally boba straws will be 8-10 inches long.

  • Here’s one that is 9 inches in length from CAMPFY.
  • Here’s a generic brand that is 8.2 inches in length.

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Boba out! 

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