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All the Health Benefits of Oolong Tea

How many benefits to oolong tea can there really be? Well think about how many teas there are in this world, it’s quite amazing actually!

Just like any other tea, there are positive health benefits to oolong tea. Oolong tea is made from the same plant as many other popular teas like green tea and black tea. The harvested plant for oolong tea and the others mentioned above is the Camellia sinensis plant.

Since these teas are processed from the same plant, you can expect to be rewarded with the same health benefits for oolong tea as you would with green tea or black tea. Maybe you’ll only see a slight difference in health benefits depending on how your tea is processed, even down to whether you’re using loose leaf tea or not (yes, loose leaf teas vs tea bags are quite different).

Let’s learn about all the health benefits of oolong tea while we sip on some tea, shall we?

Oolong Tea Can Help You Lose Weight

Are you looking for that summer body or just want to look slimmer before your best friend’s wedding? We know we want to slim down sometimes, boba or bubble tea addiction can get the best of us sometimes! But to be honest, we probably will never stop drinking bubble tea. Especially our all-time favorites like matcha milk tea or Thai milk tea.

Drinking oolong tea has shown to be a metabolism booster. If you don’t know exactly what that means, let us shed some light on it. Metabolism by definition is the chemical processes that occur within a living organism to maintain life, according to Google search. What does that mean though?

Metabolism is a process in our bodies that help us absorb energy by breaking down food or our favorite boba drinks that we consume. And as a result we get energy to keep one step over the other!

The faster your metabolism is, the more efficient your body is at breaking down calories. And that’s what oolong tea helps with. If all it takes is drinking oolong tea to burn some calories and boost metabolism, we’ll just keep ordering oolong milk teas!

Drinking Oolong Tea Can Relieve Stress 

Like many other teas, drinking oolong tea can help stabilize or balance your mental and physical stress. We know some of you are students and those exams can get super stressful! We’ve been there…

Drinking 1 cup of oolong tea a day, especially in the morning, will help turn the wheels for your brain during the day. Not only will the oolong tea begin to wake you up with subtle caffeine, but your mental space will also be much clearer. Who’s had days where you felt your brain was a bit foggy?

Since the tea is very soothing, it helps after a long day too! Drink the perfect oolong tea with VAHDAM here after a long work day. You feel the warmth of the tea slowly relieve the day’s stresses away. If you’re wondering, one of our favorite oolong teas is from Davidson’s Tea.

Oolong Tea Improves Your Skin 

Ever wondered why Asians, especially Asian grandparents, have such amazing skin being our elders? Well, most likely it’s because they’ve been drinking tea processed from the Camellia sinensis plant for a very long time.

Oolong tea, made from the Camellia sinensis plant, aids in improving the overall health of your skin, especially in the face. One of our team member’s grandmother stops by quite often to drop off Chinese baos or buns for the whole office. She has been drinking oolong tea all her life and it looks like she hasn’t aged passed her 40’s! It’s incredible what simply drinking tea can do for you for longevity and the health of your skin.

Oh, oolong tea also helps with eczema! With the power of the Camellia sinensis plant and oolong tea, many allergies or skin irritation conditions like eczema are suppressed. All it takes is 1 cup of day to start feeling a positive change too, whether it’s your skin or some other health benefits! We heard that this oolong tea is great for eczema if you’re having trouble finding the best one.

Does Oolong Tea Strengthen My Bones? 

Here’s the short answer, yes.

Are you familiar with osteoporosis? Where’s our bone doctors or health majors at? Osteoporosis, without getting into too much detail, is simply when your bones become weaker over time. This could be due to the lack of physical movement and functionality. Or even down to the type of diet you have on the day to day. Ultimately, your bones become weaker. The bone mineral density is not as much as it used to be, providing the strength you and stability you need.

So how does drinking oolong tea once a day help with osteoporosis? Instead of taking supplements for bone strength like these, with regular drinking of oolong tea, the ingredients in oolong tea help to retain as much bone density as possible instead. This slows the decaying of bone minerals greatly. Or in some cases you won’t even lose any bone density minerals for some time! Count us in, we want strong bones!

Can Oolong Tea Help with Diabetes?

Yes of course! Many studies have shown that drinking oolong tea regularly will help stabilize sugar levels in your body. Isn’t this exactly what people with diabetes want? (Speaking personally here, that’s what I want…)

Now don’t get us wrong here, drinking oolong tea will NOT completely cure you of diabetes. It will simply help you stabilize blood sugar levels that may prevent something worse from happening.

Have you learned a lot of oolong tea and its benefits from reading with us? We hope so! If you learned a bit about oolong tea today from Talk Boba, give this a share and help your best friend understand why it’s so good for you! Also, we have a full recipe guide on how to make oolong milk tea. If you want to check that out too, it’s the perfect addition to reading this article.

Tea you later!

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