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Best Boba Places in Billings

Does Billings, Montana have any bubble tea, boba, or milk tea? Guess we’ll just have to find out together.

To be 100% honest, it’s tough to find some great bubble tea places around Billings. Maybe you have an idea of where some hole in the wall spots are if you’re from the area! (Be sure to comment below if you do). 

For those that are visiting the area but couldn’t resist researching for “best boba places in billings,” then we hope we can help you out. We’ve just recently learned about these best boba places so we’re in the same shoes almost. 

Let’s see what’s in store for us with the best boba places in Billings, Montana. 

Tea City and Cupcake 

OMG! Cupcake and bubble tea heaven. Probably the best place to spoil yourself with sweets. FYI: they also make gluten-free cupcakes and keto cupcakes. And when it comes to bubble tea, you are also in for a treat. 

With a variety of flavors to choose from raspberry, cupcake, banana, cherry, huckleberry, peach, passion fruit and among others. Aside from bubble tea they also serve loose leaf tea, a very good addition to your cupcake. We would usually go with white peach, made with organic white tea, organic marigolds, and natural peach. There is also the happy tea that helps you boost your immune system and provides energy while aiding your metabolism, it is made with organic guayasa, organic strawberries, organic green rooibos, apple bits. Organic jasmine tea, organic hibiscus, and rosehip. 

City Brew Coffee

City Brew Coffee is probably one of the oldest local coffee shops here in Billings. They started roasting and brewing coffees since 1998. They only choose the top 2% beans grown all over the globe, making their coffee aromatic and flavorful. Since then, their coffee has been a staple to all coffee lovers. Not only do they serve coffee but they also serve pastries and teas. The best milk tea to try here are the Chai tea and Powder River Chai.

Taste of Asia

One of the few Authentic Asian restaurants in Billings. They make everything from scratch, the old-fashion way, from hand-made rolls, noodles, and even the broth. It’s a restaurant where you can dine with your family on a hectic Friday night. Aside from the tasty Asian food, they also brought with them another Asian perk, the boba tea, which is probably one the most craved beverages at this time.

So, there you have it, people of Billings. Let’s go have a chatime. Join our conversation below, write in the comments and tell us what you think. You can also check our store for cute items like our custom pins.

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