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Best Boba Places in Boston

Looking for boba shops in Boston but aren’t sure which ones to go to? Great, you’ve come to the right place. Talk Boba writes articles from the community about the best boba places, best boba flavors, boba recipes and more. We’ve got it all when it comes to talking about boba, hence Talk Boba.

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Dive right into the best boba places in Boston below.  

Tea Do

Starting off with one of the north east or east coast classics (let us know if you find this place in the west coast actually). Tea Do typically is found in the north east region of the United States like New York or Philadelphia. If you’re familiar with this boba shop then you’ll know they have both great boba flavors and snacks. 

The one specifically in Boston is known to have some great avocado smoothies, traditional milk tea with boba pearls and a delicious Japanese green milk tea with boba pearls. What we love about this place is that it’s perfect for a small lunch spot with friends after studying at the local University or after work. Our go to order is usually a mix between taro or Thai milk tea with an onigiri or two (usually we get two). Just writing about it is making us hungry! 

Kung Fu Tea

If you’re not familiar with this bubble tea brand then we’re not sure if you actually want boba. Kung Fu tea, arguably the most known bubble tea brand in the US boasts more than 100+ locations spread around the US. Almost every big city that you know of will have a location for Kung Fu Tea. Now we know what you’re thinking, if it’s this big it might not even be that special… well fortunately for you it’s actually quite delicious. 

They have many flavors (we’re talking like 50+) to choose from at any given time. Reading their menu is super easy and digestible but trying every single menu item might be a difficult challenge. It’s one we’re not afraid to try though. The biggest concern most people have in regards to Kung Fu Tea is the sugar levels. Many think that there is too much sweetness in their bubble tea flavors but keep in mind they allow you to change sweetness levels. Whether you’re someone who only needs 50% or 35%, they’ve got you covered. 

Popular flavors of boba from Kung Fu Tea include traditional Kung Fu milk tea, coconut milk tea and winter melon milk tea. 

Gong Cha 

One of the more premium boba brands, Gong Cha serves up some of the best tasting tea when it comes to boba or bubble tea. Their drinks aren’t as sweet as what you’d find at Kung Fu Tea, and this may be something you like better. For those that do not like a sweeter boba flavor, give Gong Cha a try. We’ve found that their sweetness level at 100% is probably closer to 75% sweetness level of something similar to Kung Fu Tea. Now keep in mind there’s nothing wrong with that! There’s two different kinds of people when it comes to boba sweetness, those that like more of it and those that prefer a bit less. Different boba for different people! 

Here’s some of our favorites in case you want to try some of these: dirty brown sugar milk tea, winter melon milk tea, earl grey milk tea and matcha milk from their slush series. We cycle through these flavors a lot but these are definitely our go to! 

Lime Red Teahouse 

Considered to be “the best craft boba” in Boston Massachusetts. 

For the most part we think they’re right! Lime Red Teahouse isn’t a big chain or franchise like Gong Cha or Kung Fu Tea is but they’ve definitely found their own little niche spot in the bubble tea or boba industry. Many people still love this place, we’re talking about 150+ positive reviews on places like Yelp, Google and Trip Advisor (and now Talk Boba). 

What we love best besides the delicious milk tea, bubble tea and boba served here at Lime Red Teahouse is the wooden decor theme. When you walk in you’ll see a wall with floating shelves made from planks of wooden with a lighter finish. This makes it feel very welcoming and artistic, which we love! Come see it for yourself in Boston.  

Cha Time

Probably one of the most popular places in Canada, is also in parts of the United States, like Boston. Cha Time is very similar to what Gong Cha offers. From the boba flavors to the sweetness levels we think they’re very similar. Cha Time offers trendy flavors and more traditional flavors with the right amount of sweetness and tea flavor. We’ve found that many people agree with us that their drinks aren’t as sweet as other brands make out to be. Which is quite nice. 

Some of our favorite flavors from Cha Time include brown sugar pearl milk tea, Cha Time pearl milk tea, Jasmine green milk tea and taro milk tea (our favorite of them all). Let us know what you like here, we’re positive you’ve been to this spot at least once. 

What do you think? 

What’s the best boba place in Boston now that you’ve seen our list? Are we right? Are we far off? What other boba places should we add into this list that you know of? Comment down below and let us know your boba thoughts! Remember, just talk about boba, duh! 

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