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Best Boba Places in Columbus

There’s a lot of great coffee and tea shops in Columbus, Ohio. If you’re a visitor or a long time resident, you know you’ll be able to find some great brews here, both coffee and tea. 

We’ll assume you’re here because you’ve searched up the best boba places in Columbus. And typically when you search for this, you’re more than likely a visitor on a trip or vacation. So we’ll lean into that assumption too, the fact that you’re a visitor. 

With that said, we’ll showcase and suggest the best boba places in Columbus below so that you can find your boba fix. Afterall, sometimes leaving bigger cities like LA or NYC (which are prime spots for boba or bubble tea), you just need that fix. 

No worries.

We’re here to help. Continue reading for the best boba places in Columbus below. It’s what Talk Boba is all about, duh! 


This franchise is known to many who are avid bubble tea or milk tea drinkers. You know who we’re talking about. (Including ourselves). With over 1000s of reviews and endless amounts of locations, Chatime serves milk tea on a global scale. You’ll find shops in Canada, United States and overseas, like Australia. And it doesn’t seem like they’re slowing down anytime soon.

With their experience over the years and delicious bubble tea making ability, they grab new customers daily. Reviews mention how consistent the quality is and we’re one of those reviewers too. Every time we enjoy a milk tea flavor from Chatime we’re confident we can get the same exact flavor every time. They’re just that consistent! 

Some favorite bubble tea flavors include the following, from many bubble tea drinkers.

  • Brown sugar milk tea
  • Chatime pearl milk tea
  • Honey oolong milk tea
  • Wintermelon milk tea

Kung Fu Tea

Kung Fu Tea has been a staple in the milk tea industry. Since 2009 with the business savvy minds of 3 individuals, Kung Fu Tea was born. With over 100+ locations across the United States, there’s no telling when Kung Fu tea will stop. They’re on a roll! 

This franchise brings in bubble tea, milk tea, and boba to towns and cities that you’d least expect them to be in. Talk about marketing to a new crowd, but successfully. 

Kung Fu Tea here in Columbus serves up the city like no other. It’s hard to compare this to anything else around town, unless it’s another big franchise like we mentioned earlier. Majority of customers who come to Kung Fu Tea are delighted and end up coming for more. With their wide selection of boba, all you can do is talk about boba here. If you have a hard time picking a flavor, find their best sellers on their website. 

Bubbles Tea and Juice Company

With hundreds of reviews, Bubbles Tea and Juice Company have made a name for themselves in Columbus since 2005. Yep that’s right. They’ve started even sooner than Kung Fu Tea had. Though they might not have as many locations, they’ve been able to keep up with the bigger name franchises. Why? They serve really great, consistent bubble milk tea to its customers in an intimate way. Sometimes with the growth of bigger franchises you lose that personal touch, this is where Bubbles Tea and Juice Company shines. 

They’ve been able to stay afloat serving delicious boba since 2005, that’s incredible if you ask us. 

Let us suggest some of our favorites when we stopped by as a team. 

  • Honeydew milk tea 
  • Matcha milk tea 
  • Coffee milk with boba pearls 
  • Jasmine milk tea 

Just to name a few…

The Brewed Leaf 

Last but not least, this small bubble tea cafe, The Brewed Leaf, is quite promising. 

With many great reviews, a majority of the customers that order fresh milk tea here have been happily satisfied with their order. Serving classics like Thai milk tea, The Brewed Leaf strives to be authentic with every cup. Their care for each cup is seen from how they make it to the service they provide when a customer orders a cup. 

Keep in mind if you’re looking for more extravagant flavors that you see on social media, you may not find it here. Typically this boba shop serves all the traditional flavors but if you’re looking for some instagram craze, you might not find it. Nonetheless, what’s wrong with traditional flavors anyways? 

A delicious Thai milk tea goes a long way! 

Didn’t think Columbus had bubble tea like this did you? If you’re visiting Columbus soon we hope this helps you find the milk tea shop for you. If you’d like to continue reading on other best bubble tea shops, you can hop back over to the main blog page and find a new city to read. 

There’s a lot of them. 

Thanks for reading with us at Talk Boba. Here’s our motto in case you’re wondering, just talk about boba, duh! See you soon. 

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