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Best Boba Places in Denver

Are you from Phoenix? Or have you ever been to Phoenix? Well if so, do you agree with me if Talk Boba that Arizona is one of the hottest states in the country? 

Perfect for a cold cup of boba if you ask us.

It’s sunny all year round, on top of that it’s humid. By the end of the day of walking under the sun you get all sweaty, sticky and thirsty. Right?

So, what’s the best rejuvenating drink Phoenix has to offer? It has to be milk tea. A combination of milk and tea, plus tapioca pearls that are made from cassava starch. Yummy! Here @talkboba we compiled a list of bubble milk tea shops in Phoenix to help you quench your thirst the boba way. You’ve come to the right place for the best boba places in Phoenix. 

Urban Boba Tea House

Urban Boba Tea house has like the cutest collection of boba cup stuffed toys, they have a whole rack of it, including mugs too. I love their industrial type design, modern yet simple and neat. They also have an extensive menu for drinks like monster slushies, icy slush, fruity smoothies, frappe, flavored iced tea, flavored milk teas, and the signature boba drinks. We especially love the logan flavor, s’mores flavor and fruity pebble smoothie. 

These are all like a dessert in a cup, but not to worry about the sweetness you can just tell the staff to lessen the sugar. We tend to like our sugar levels at 30%, in case you’re wondering.  

Milk Run 

With over  400 high-rated reviews across the internet, it only makes sense that it caught out attention. When we entered the place, we initially thought it was outdated. But overall it was clean and the boba was tasty. Big plus for great customer service too!

We were very tempted to try the milk tea float, though we settled for a classic boba flavor, taro milk tea. 

It was quite good actually with 50% sugar, the right amount of creaminess and chewy boba. Overall we were happy altogether and pleasantly surprised. If you want to try other boba flavors give these a try. Jasmine, honeydew, Thai, classic, black, coffee, matcha, and even Nutella boba flavor! 

Pop N Tea Bar 

What makes Pop N tea Bar stand-out is that they have created a unique concept of providing a better, top of the line, one of a kind menu. They incorporated art in all their products and leap beyond what is normal. By using a 3D printing technology to craft diamond-shaped bars using the best ingredients. 

When it comes to their milk tea, they have also provided the best well-crafted organic teas through a series of tests to perfect the best. They imported teas from the best sources and incorporated it with our fresh local fruits to provide the best boba milk tea in the valley.

My Tea 

Brewing the highest quality ingredients, My Tea is one of the local’s favorite shops. When getting your boba tea you have to follow a procedure where you first, choose a base either green or black tea, then you pick a size between 24 or 32 oz. Third, you choose a creamer whole milk, non-dairy, coconut, almond milk or hemp milk and then choose the level of sweetness, unsweetened, lightly sweetened, normal, and very sweet. Fifth, choose one flavor from more than 30 flavors. 

And lastly, add a popping boba with three flavors to choose from, mango, orange, and strawberry. A fresh streamlined service and process! 

Bubble Bee

Probably one of the coolest boba places you can find. Here it looks like you are inside a modern beehive. 

The decoration on the wall is cute and very well thought out. The crew is dressed in black and yellow, also cute. And the drinks of course were just as great as their decorations and atmosphere, if not better. 

And they’re quick to make them too! 

Some recommended drinks are papaya wonder, honey bloom, and chocolate rain. Give Bumble Bee a try in Phoenix if you’re ever around town. 


Bubbleology is one of those big milk tea franchises. The ambiance here is modern and chic, glass-paneled and bright. We just love hanging out here drinking my tea and eating ice cream waffles while staring at the cars that pass by. 

They are famous for their gelato in egg waffles, very yummy by the way. And also their boba milk teas, which is above the normal standard boba place in the City. Some must-try drinks are Taro (definitely), coconut, rose milk and plain Assam.

So, there you have it people from the valley of the sun. Boba milk tea to counter the radiant hot sun in Phoenix. Nothing like walking around the hot sun with a nice bubble tea to compliment the heat and cool you down, with a bit of a chew. 

Thanks for reading with us here at Talk Boba. Please suggest more boba shops in Phoenix if you know anymore. There must be some hidden places that we haven’t found but locals may know. We’ll see you next time, feel free to read some more articles below if you want to stick around. 

We’ve got a whole ‘lot for you! 

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