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Best Boba Places in Las Vegas

You searched up “the best boba places in las vegas” and you’ve tapped into the Talk Boba blog so here you are. That’s great! We’re going to dive into everything possible about the best boba places in Las Vegas, don’t you worry! 

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Anyways, Las Vegas is known for what? The partying, gambling, entertainment, magic shows and more right? Has anyone ever written about the boba or bubble tea around the strip though? We surely couldn’t find anything, so here we are. The best boba places in Las Vegas, read below! 

Itea Boba and Dessert

Throughout our search for boba tea in Las Vegas, we stumbled upon Itea Boba and Dessert, pleasantly surprised of course! Here at this boba shop you’ll find your typically bubble tea flavors and smoothies but what makes it so unique compared to others is the snacks they have. It’s a full treat coming to Itea! 

Adults love it and more importantly kids enjoy it too! The parents can grab themselves more traditional milk tea flavors and the energetic kids with you can grab some boba or ice cream if they want. Our favorite milk tea flavors from this place has to be a traditional black milk tea or a sweet taro milk tea with tapioca pearls (if we’re feeling something more sweet). For ice cream (which comes with a delicious bubble waffle) we like to get either chocolate or matcha, with pocky sticks of course! 

No matter what, with over 300+ reviews and thousands of satisfied customers you know you’ll be impressed and satisfied with your experience here at Itea Boba and Dessert. 

No. 1 Boba Tea Chinatown

It’s named number one for a reason… you’re looking (or reading) a boba shop that has more than 400+ reviews. Talk about a serious reputation! If you’re looking for boba tea shop that has both the milk tea and a few food selections, this isn’t the right place. However, if you’re just aiming for some delicious bubble tea, then you’ve hit the perfect spot. 

You’ll find some of the best tasting bubble tea here in Las Vegas with No. 1 Boba Tea Chinatown. When you walk into this delicious spot you’ll instantly see the big board of boba flavors on their menu. Seriously, it’s huge… you won’t miss it all. This big menu board has all the flavor selection you can possibly want from a bubble tea shop. Both traditional flavors like matcha, taro or Thai tea and more trendy flavors. Come give this one a try if you’re around the area, let us know how you liked it (or disliked it).  

Easy Life Boba Tea

Everyone wants to have an easy life right? You might not get that here at the boba shop but we can definitely guarantee you’ll be very satisfied. If you love popcorn chicken and boba on the side, you’re in the best spot in Las Vegas. 

Easy Life Boba tea boasts over 400+ reviews for a good reason. They have extremely delicious selections of food. We’re talking about freshly fried popcorn chicken with basil, super hot and fresh tater tots with basil, made to order waffle fries and more! If you’re not salivating right now after those 3 things we just told you about maybe give it another read. 

Seriously though, those foods washed down by a refreshing and sweet bubble tea is just the best experience you can ask for. Come with your boba squad and enjoy the best snacks and boba around Las Vegas. Trust us! 

What do you think? Would you come to these boba shops in Las Vegas? Let us know and comment below if you end up coming to one of these because of Talk Boba. We’re open to suggestions too, if you think there’s better… by all means let us know. We’d love to add it to the list. We’re at the of this article for the best boba places in Las Vegas, thank you for reading with us! 

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