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Best Boba Places in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is a special place for many. 

You have the beach (obviously) where many tourists come during the warmer seasons and soak up the sun. Nothing says “grab a cup of boba” than a hot summer day on the beach. 

In addition to the beach though, there’s many other attractions and entertainment around Virginia Beach too. You’ll find places like aquariums to occupy or more adventurous things like hiking and state parks. What better way to enjoy time with family than those types of outings? By adding a cup of boba of course. 

We’ll talk about the best boba places in Virginia Beach right below. Continue reading to find the most delicious bubble tea spots so you can plan your Virginia Beach trip the right way. And if you’re a local, we hope this list helps you find your new go-to spot for milk tea! 

Boba Chef

Starting off with a crowd favorite, Boba Chef in Virginia Beach is well known to be a great tasting bubble tea shop. No seriously, with over 100+ reviews all being positive, there’s a reason why they’re successful and a crowd favorite. 

To top it off, when you walk in you’re greeted with great customer service and a very cool aesthetic indoors. The interior has a calming and vibey feel with it’s purple walls and purple ambient lighting. 

The shop offers cold brew coffee, bubble tea and even some desserts you can resist. You know, things like red velvet cake and more. Sounds delicious right? We know! 

Ninja Tea

What a cool name for some bubble tea right? Maybe the boba barista has a black belt in making delicious boba too! After all, they do have over 150+ reviews with a great percentage of that being very highly rated. 

Located in Virginia Beach this is one of the bubble tea spots that you’ll find a lot of people enjoying their smoothies. We’ve found that many people like their mango and strawberry smoothies with boba pearls. 

Maybe you will too. 

Kung Fu Tea

What’s not to love about Kung Fu Tea, especially if it’s in Virginia Beach. Think about it… a long day baking in the sun and then grabbing some snacks and bubble tea at Kung Fu Tea to regenerate your thirst and hunger. Sounds like a great day to us! 

We might just have to make this trip for ourselves. 

If you’ve never been to Kung Fu Tea they have a tremendous selection of boba, bubble tea and milk tea flavors. They even have regular fruit tea flavors too! Some of the best flavors here include their regular Kung Fu milk tea, honey lemonade, and taro slush. 

Jelly Ball

Another great spot for bubble tea and smoothies is Jelly Ball. They’re known to also serve delicious tasting milk tea with boba pearls and smoothies. 

We’ve tried their taro milkshake and we must say it was very delicious! Plus, we really like taro here at Talk Boba anyways, so it’s a win-win. Who doesn’t like a milkshake anyways?

Aside from beverages you can also grab yourself some fruit bowls here too. They serve up fresh fruit bowls with many toppings that you can add on. For instance, you can order a bowl of mango slices topped with lychee popping boba, cake and cereal. There’s something about big juicy slices of mango that is so tasty. 

Tapioca Go

Don’t be alarmed by the logo from Tapioca Go, they don’t bite! 

They have over 150+ reviews so you’ll definitely want to try out this place when you’re looking for boba or bubble tea around Virginia Beach. Just by the look of the customer’s images, you’ll want to give it a try for yourself. Serving up many of the classic flavors like taro milk tea, Thai milk tea, green milk tea, black milk tea and a few more, you know you won’t have a hard time choosing a flavor. 

We highly suggest trying some unique flavors though. Flavors like rose oolong milk tea with cheese foam on top is something that is unique but worth a try. Other flavors can be brown sugar milk tea too! 

Gong Cha

If you’re not a big bubble tea drinker, you might not know of Gong Cha. But let us inform you, Gong Cha is one of the biggest franchises in the bubble tea industry. With more than 100 locations they’re spread around the United States and other countries. 

Their delicious flavors make thousands of customers very happy and come back for more. And we’re one of them for sure!

Here’s some of our favorites from Gong Cha. Milk foam green tea, watermelon oolong and our all time favorite, royal Thai tea. Next time you give them a try, tell them Talk Boba sent you! 

What do you think? Was this a good list of the best boba places in Virginia Beach? If not, please suggest more places for us to add! 

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