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What are Plastic Cup Sealing Machines?

Plastic cup sealing machines are tools used in most bubble tea shops to obtain efficiency and cost-effectiveness when it comes to a boba shop’s handling of plastic cups. It’s a machine that will seal plastic films on top of plastic cups by heating a ring, melting respective sides of the plastic cup and/or film to create an airtight seal. 

These machines are usually compatible with your most common plastic cup sizes and types. 

Why are Sealing Machines Efficient and Effective? 

These plastic cup sealing machines (found in bubble tea shops) are used to finish an order with high consistency. And little to no error when used and prepared properly. Some of these plastic cup sealing machines can make more than 500+ cups in 1 hour. 

We’d imagine if 1 person was sealing lids on plastic cups for more than 500 orders, they’d be super tired! Let’s just say these machines do not require 30 minute breaks. 

With this amount of consistency and efficiency it’s very helpful to business owners to provide the high quality and consistent service they want out of their employees or team. 

Plus, these sealing machines are quite cost-effective. Since the machine uses less plastic compared to a generic plastic lid, you’re more likely to be saving money by using this machine over the long term. 

If you’re looking for ways to cut supplies costs, this can be a solution or alternative for business owners in the bubble tea or beverage space. 

Where Can I Buy Sealing Machines?

If you search for cup sealing machines you’ll most likely be able to find some online that you can order. Big name department stores for restaurant equipment will carry sealing machines for you to take a look at. 

Quick tip: before you choose to buy a machine, be sure you know your supplies dimensions and materials. These machines have specific dimensions and cups for compatibility. So you’ll want to be sure the supplies (plastic cups) you use in-store are compatible and usable.

You don’t want to buy an expensive machine like a plastic cup sealer and realize the cups do not fit or the material doesn’t quite seal as well as you’d thought. 

Here are a few we found on Amazon that you can browse but be sure to read product information thoroughly for more details. 

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