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Best Boba Places in Cedar Rapids

Boba and bubble tea shops in Iowa are hard to come by, but when one appears, they are worth the wait!

Milk tea shops are always busy in Cedar Rapids, but the people you meet make the experience that much better. The service is always a pleasant one around here in Iowa. From quality drinks to quality employees, boba shops in Cedar Rapids have it all. Here are three of the “must visit” destinations in and around Cedar Rapids.

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Hi Tea

Hi Tea is a locally owned (go mom and pops!) tea shop directly in the middle of the town. Hi Tea has a very diverse menu, ranging from milk tea and yogurt drinks to rolled ice cream and shaved ice. The owner takes pride in her restaurant and hires highly competent workers. There’s always a friendly smile waiting for you, and your drink is made quickly in front of you. Hi Tea is definitely a must to get your boba fix in Cedar Rapids if you’re around the area.

The two milk tea flavors above include regular black milk tea and Thai iced tea! With boba obviously, you can’t skimp on that right?

Teamo Tea

Teamo Tea is located in Iowa City, fifteen minutes from Cedar Rapids. Teamo offers premium bubble tea, with made in house tapioca pearls. These medium priced drinks are guaranteed to satisfy your milk tea or boba pearl cravings.  With a specialized menu, Teamo offers all kinds of teas and some special traditional desserts. The employees are highly trained and are quick to help you find a new favorite drink. Each tea is made to order and always tastes super fresh. Teamo Tea, while a short drive away, is worth every penny. 

Bubble Pop

Bubble Pop is also located in Iowa City. Bubble Pop offers multiple types of pearls, and perfect teas to compliment them. With a simple yet quality menu, Bubble Pop keeps it traditional. Perfectly portioned drinks allow you to enjoy your drink without feeling overfilled. The staff makes it their mission to craft you the perfect Boba. Perfect for first-timers! This home-like shop is the perfect environment for working on schoolwork or catching up with friends. Bubble Pop is a destination you should not miss when visiting Cedar Rapids.

If you ever visit Cedar Rapids, be sure not to miss these great locations. With all the traditions, family recipes, and people you’ll meet on the way, it’s always worth the adventure. Help out these local tea shops and you might find a new all-time favorite! 

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  1. Iowa City is about 45 minutes away from Cedar Rapids, not 15, so don’t go to Cedar Rapids expecting to be near the second two shops. If you’re looking for boba in the area, Iowa City has quite a few more places than Cedar Rapids, though the pandemic probably affected them quite a bit. The only other one I can think of in Cedar Rapids is a pho restaurant that also has boba, called Mai Pho– their pho and their boba are spectacular! There are less boba options, but the options they do have are really yummy.

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