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Best Boba Places in Des Moines

Curious where to find the best bubble tea in the city of Des Moines? Worry no more! We’re here to tell you where exactly you can get your milk tea fix. Spice up your trip to Des Moines with a sip of a good bubble tea, boba, or milk tea. 

As they say, there’s nothing a milk tea can’t fix, right?

Here at talkboba, we bring out the best boba in every corner of the city. Before we get into the mouth-watering details, would you mind giving some boba love? Follow our community of 40,000+ boba lovers @talkboba to discover new shops, flavors, fellow milk tea connoisseurs and more! 

Who knows? You might even get the best bubble tea deals in town! Plus you can enjoy some quirky merch fit for your bobaly personality! Get what I mean? 

Now back to our boba business. If you’re on the hunt for the best bubble tea place in Des Moines, then you’re on the right place page. Just scroll through and enjoy! Here’s the best boba places in Des Moines. 

8 Degrees Ice Cream and Boba

Truth is, you don’t have to be a college student from Drake to try 8 Degrees Ice Cream and Boba. You wouldn’t want to miss this little shop in the heart of Drake, famous for their ice cream rolled into cups and of course their boba. 

Apart from the rolled ice creams prepared right in front of you, 8 Degrees has more to offer. They got some real refreshing teas and boba options on their menu. And since we’re talking about freshness, what could be fresher than putting a real chunk of fruits on their drinks? Yup! You read that right. 8 Degrees is all about freshness! They offer real fruits—mind you, REAL non-frozen fruits—as toppings for their tea goodness.

8 Degrees has a unique selection of milk teas (or boba) and fruit teas with innovative names and lots of toppings to choose from. Some of their best-selling drinks are I’m Groot with Boba, Lychee Lemon Green Tea and Wintermelon Milk Tea.

So, if you’re looking for a cute little place to hang, 8 Degrees can be your next go-to store. They got some hip designs, modern vibe and nice staff to keep you chill. What’s more to love? They have vegan flavors all around! 

Gong Fu Tea

Welcome to the finer teas in life! (Pun definitely intended)

Gong Fu Tea is about excellence. Their tea selection is known to be “outstanding” and “exceptional”. Thanks to its founders Mike and Rusty for travelling across the world in search for the finest quality teas available. They hand-selected ingredients and visited almost 57 teahouses to study processes of global artisans. Truly world-class!

If you think you already know a lot about teas, better think twice.

Gong Fu Tea offers you fine quality loose-leaf teas you probably have no idea about. But don’t you worry! Gong Fu Tea has the most knowledgeable staff to give you some Tea 101. Their place is a must-visit in East Village especially if you want some time to relax and reflect about the best things (or teas) in life. An educated staff and relaxing ambiance? We’re definitely giving this place an A plus! 

Gong Fu Tea’s loose leaf tea can be brewed by the wonderful staff and it’s available to go if you feel like brewing your own. With their extensive tea selections, you might have a hard time picking up a favorite, but maybe you can start with their Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea.

Oh one last thing, if you want some classy tea wares to go with your loose-leaf tea, Gong Fu Tea can just give you what you want—only the best quality teawares from around the world!

There you have it boba lovers! If you are out for a milktea run in Iowa and do not know where to go, remember the best boba places in Des Moines. It might take a little search to get the best milk tea hole in the wall, but they’re definitely worth a visit! These boba shops might not be all too familiar, but thanks to their hip genuine vibe, they’re leaving a strong lasTEA-mpression!

Love what you discovered today? Talkboba is here to give you more! We simply cannot stop talking about bubble teas. Hope you don’t mind. Check out all the boba shops in the cities you might want to visit. 

By the way, don’t forget to share your Des Moines discovery today! Educate your friends. Go on, just talk about boba, duh! Til our next boba talk!

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