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What Happens if you Drink Black Tea Every Day?

Pleasantly surprising, drinking a cup of black tea daily is healthy for you! 

Drinking tea, in general, has many health benefits that aid in a healthier lifestyle. Maybe even a more energetic one too (since there’s a bit of caffeine in tea). 

There are some health benefits of tea that you might already know of. Tea contains antioxidants that may help with heart disease and other diseases. Tea helps with weight loss or maintenance. And the best part, tea may help to boost your immune system. 

So of course, drinking a cup of black tea daily can be good for you! 

We’ll be honest though, we don’t drink black tea by itself everyday (boba doesn’t count unfortunately) but we just might now. Here are a few other neat benefits to drinking black daily. 

Drinking Black Tea Daily May Prevent Tooth Decay 

We all want the brightest smile right? By drinking black tea everyday you might find yourself having your only set of teeth for a longer period of time. 

Which, in our eyes, is a very great thing! 

There have been many studies in the past (and currently) where researchers have found that compounds or minerals in black tea help prevent bacteria that can cause cavities. Nobody likes cavities right? 

Drinking black tea everyday may also prevent gum disease too. 

Lose Weight by Drinking Black Tea Everyday 

When diving into your weight loss journey, you might find a lot of research complete around tea and weight loss. Which is a great thing! 

Tea, especially black tea or green tea, may help to achieve your goals when it comes to weight loss. 

There are these compounds in black tea brewed from Camellia Sinensis plants called flavones. Flavones are found to have elements that can aid in weight reduction. They also have other great benefits like a healthy amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Sounds like a winner for a daily drink for us! 

Drinking Black Tea Everyday May Be Too Much Caffeine 

There are people that are very sensitive to caffeine and despite all of the healthy benefits black tea provides, this alone may steer you away from drinking black tea everyday. 

If you’re sensitive to caffeine you may find yourself feeling nervous and even restless when drinking too much caffeine or black tea. 

Usually, you’ll find only half the amount of caffeine in black tea as compared to coffee. But depending on your sensitivity, you might not even want to drink black tea. 

We’d suggest drinking green tea every day instead. It has a much lower amount of caffeine than black tea due to the quick oxidation period, which can be very helpful for you. And it’s just as delicious! 

Of the few benefits we mentioned, what is one that makes you want to drink it everyday? If we had to choose, we’d go with the smile and teeth decay prevention. Eating is our second favorite thing to do aside from drinking boba. So we must protect our teeth! 

Thanks for reading this short article about drinking black tea everyday. 

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