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Best Boba Places in Detroit

Driving in Detroit? Going shopping? Museum musing? Or maybe a stroll in the park? Whatever you plan to do, you’ll sure crave for bubble tea to quench your thirst! Well, we can’t really blame you for craving. Bobas are too irresistible!  

With more and more milk tea stores sprouting across the country, the options for our favorite boba just seem endless! But if you are driving (or walking) around Detroit, we’ve got some good boba suggestions for you.

Here at Talkboba, we satisfy your cravings with the best and freshest bubble tea spots in the metro. You don’t have to look further, just check out our blogs on each city Oh! And if you can’t just help talking about boba, feel free to stay connected with our network of 40,000 (and counting) boba lovers! Share your bubble tea stories or hacks and you might just win a friend. 

Going back to Detroit, if you’re lost in the city and craving for some milk tea, here are some spots you can check out!

Detroit Bubble Tea Company

Slushie or smoothie? Iced tea or milk tea? The choices are just limitless! Detroit Bubble Tea Company gives you the freedom to choose how you like your drinks done. With multiple selections of flavors and toppings, you will definitely not run out of options.

It’s impossible for you to leave this milktea shop without a smile on your face. With a variety of boba options, you can even choose between tapioca or popping pearls in your drinks. And if you can’t decide which flavor to have, don’t worry it’s not a problem. You can mix two different flavors in your milk tea! Think you’ve had enough? It doesn’t stop there! Detroit Bubble Tea offers good food selection to go with your bubble tea. Whether you’re going for the macaroons or edible cookie dough, you’ll sure find both tasty! 

One more thing to love about Detroit Bubble Tea Company is their aesthetics. (Sorry we can’t stop talking about this store’s unique concepts). They have such a great atmosphere! They offer board games and they feature local artists for their interiors. Oh! And have I mentioned they have all gender bathrooms? How cool is that? Okay I’ll stop here, go see for yourself!

Tou and Mai

A feast for your mouth and cultural soul! This cute little bubble tea shop in Sy Thai will definitely take you to an Asian milk tea experience. 

Curious of their name? I’m sure you are! Tou and Mai (common names for a Hmong male and female) is more than just a boba shop. This boba X retail shop supports a community of ethnic groups in the Metro Detroit Area. They offer Southeast Asian goods and local Hmong products that you’ll sure find interesting! A boba shop with an Asian Mini Mart sounds fun! 

Tou and Mai offers a whole lot of mix of flavors and textures. They offer boba milk teas, tropical fruit smoothies and even ice cream. If you’re the adventurous type, you can try their taro-coconut milk tea for a change.  And if you’re not on a diet (why would I even ask?), then you won’t mind trying their best-selling Hello, Hello—a mix of ube (purple yam) & mango ice cream, coco de nata, red adzuki bean, coconut milk, condensed milk, wafer roll and moree! I’m sure the colors and unique mix of ingredients won’t do justice for this Instagram-worthy dessert!  Just a tip, this cute space may get a little hectic on a busy day, so best to order to-go!

Cravings satisfied? It might get really tricky to find boba shops in Detroit. You gotta look here and there and search for new shops along the streets. But a little help from Talkboba won’t hurt right?

Let’s make it easy for you. Check out our Talkboba blogs. We have unlimited tips and tricks on all the coolest and newest shops around the USA. Name a city and we can help locate a boba shop for you. Or if you don’t wanna leave your home just yet, you might want to do some DIY using our recipes. Check them out here.

Share the boba love! Tell your friends what you discovered today. If you have milk tea suggestions that you would like to share, hit us up! We’re more than happy to learn from you as well. Now, here’s to you, my fellow milk tea-lover! That you may never run out of boba options. Cheers!

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