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Best Boba Places in Portland

Portland has a lot of boba places but knowing which one is the best? Well, we got that covered ‘cause here @talkboba the only things we talk about are boba, tapioca pearls, milk tea and everything in between. 

So, keep reading and we will give you a list and a brief review of each good boba place in Portland. Here are the best boba places in Portland that you can find. Let’s begin!  

Bubble Maneia

Bubble Maneia is a small boba place here in Portland that serves delicious authentic Taiwanese and Chinese dishes. Most of the time people come here for the food because it’s very affordable and delicious. Nothing beats a good noodle dish especially when it’s cold outside. 

And of course, in addition to the delicious food , the boba or milk tea is also very tasty. It’s not a cheap knock-off of the Taiwanese bubble tea that’s for sure! They use the freshest ingredients and make their very own tapioca pearls. No wonder the tapioca balls are chewy, well-cooked and full of flavor. 

If you’re around town in Portland, some must try flavors of their bubble tea menu include papaya milk tea, taro milk tea, and coconut milk tea.

Tea Bar

Another good tea cafe (or bar) to visit here in Portland. 

The ambiance is quite amazing. It’s clean, minimalistic in decor, and a great place to study or work. The cafe is home to many students during exam season. Nothing’s better than studying with a side of bubble tea and tapioca pearls while you’re highlighting or taking notes. 

Braganza Tea

This is one of our favorite milk tea shops to go, and if you ask why among others. We would say their teas are delicious, and this shop is one of those milk tea houses that does not use powder to flavor their drinks. 

Made with high quality fresh ingredients with every sip, you’ll want to keep going back for more. 

Somus Boba and Café

Somus boba holds to their good name by using premium loose tea leaves and brewing it fresh every four hours. All the jams and syrup are house-made using hand-selected ingredients, no dyes, and no artificial flavors. All the fruits are fresh from the market. The Thai and Jasmine milk tea with boba are the best drinks to try here. 

Fat Straw 

Owned by Terry Pham who grew up in a Vietnamese household and was rather close to his grandmother who taught him the ritual of drinking tea. From then on, despite his career as an IT, it was in his blood to continue the art of making tea, he established Fat straw in 2002. 

With his passion to create unique and delicious teas and obsession to give each customer the best satisfaction and experience possible. He made sure that every cup of boba milk tea is above standard quality, emphasizing the best taste he could create. Truly they make happiness in a cup. All items are a must-try. 

No regrets, just love in a cup!

Bubble Bubble Tea 

Truly authentic boba bubble, here’s why. Owned by a couple of Taiwanese immigrants who settled in Portland, Oregon. They had spent years in Taiwan studying bubble tea making. From creating recipes and studying the ingredients to be used. After this, they practiced and practiced until they finally had their final menu. They opened their own bubble milk tea shop in 2001 here in Portland, Oregon. Their menu has more twenty bubble tea flavors to choose from and that could be quite confusing so here are the three highly recommended drinks: Lavender, Ginger, and Papaya.

Toast LA Tea 

Toast La tea, I just love the sound of it. It reminds me of a French café in Paris, but before you get hyped over coffee and Paris, this is an Asian restaurant that serves traditional Vietnamese cuisine and bubble tea. Just like the name Toast La Tea, it’s C’est Magnifique or in Vietnamese nó tráng lệ, the boba tea is exquisite. Boba pearls cooked just right, chewy and tasty. The milk tea was good too, not too sweet, rich and creamy.

Don’t forget to try Saigon café, Rose milk tea, Chai milk tea, and Lavender.

There you have it, the list of the best bubble milk tea places that we have been to, tried and tasted. If you know more of great bubble tea houses to visit, do let us know by replying to the comment section below. Here @talkboba, we talk about bubble tea endlessly. 

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