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DIY Boba Cup Halloween Costume

Contributed by Zachary S.

Halloween is coming soon! (Yay!) This special day is dedicated to trick-or-treating around the world, but at Talk Boba, we dedicate this day for boba tea! Ever wondered if you could be a boba tea for your Halloween costume? Well, we got an easy DIY for you! Continue reading below to find how you can create your own boba costume from scratch. We’ll give you the full materials needed for this bubble tea costume, instructions on how to put it all together and maybe some inspo on how to take pictures for boba!

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Materials Needed for Boba Costume

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Steps to Making the Boba Cup Costume

  1. First, get the shower curtain and lay it flat. Bring the hula hoops to the desired length on your body and cut the curtain to match the length of how far the hula hoops are to each other. (You may need to cut the shower curtain in half to make sure you have enough surface area of curtain to wrap around the hula hoops.)
  2. Paint hula hoops to the desired color of boba tea you want to be. This color should match the color of your felt. Let dry. (Example: Green Tea/Green – Milk Tea/Light Brown).
  3. Then hot glue gun the shower curtain piece(s) around the hula hoops so then you have a boba tea cup shape.
  4. Cut four pieces of string to match the length of the diameter of the top hula hoop of your cup. Glue the pieces to leave a box in the middle to fit your head through. (See photo).
  5. Glue as many black balloons to the inside of your cup to mimic boba!
  6. Now get your felt and cut a hole in the middle, just enough to fit your head through. The felt will act as a ‘shirt’ to drape down your body.
  7. Done with the cup!

Steps to Making the Bubble Tea Straw Hat

  1. Get your styrofoam dome and paint it the same color as you did for the hula hoops. Let dry.
  2. Get anything tube shaped(like toilet paper rolls) and gather them together. Wrap paper around the tubes to form a straw-like structure. Wrap an end of a piece of paper to the end of the straw to make the straw have a poky side(to mimic a real boba tea straw). Decorate the straw anyway you like!
  3. Now, get your straw and hot glue gun to styrofoam dome.
  4. Attach string to hat(to keep the hat onto your head).
  5. Done with the whole costume!

Now that you’ve seen this I hope you want to make this for Halloween coming up this week! Everybody will be shocked that you just make such a cool and creative costume! If you enjoyed this DIY boba costume article please let your friends know. Maybe someone else wants to be your twin for a bubble tea or boba costume. Like always, thanks for reading and just talk about boba, duh!

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