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How to Make Bubble Tea with Powder

Fair warning, this might be the easiest drink you’ll make in your life time next to instant coffee. Seriously, that’s exactly what it’s like. From the ingredients down to the actual process. We’ll try to keep this article read straight to the point Talk Boba style of course! 

How does that sound? 

But before we continue, if you want to make bubble tea without powder, full of premium ingredients and more, be sure to check out how to make bubble tea at home here. 

Ingredients You’ll Need for Bubble Tea 

Since we’re highlighting how to make bubble tea with powder, the ingredients you’ll need are a lot less. Plus the tools and equipment you’ll need is quite less too! Overall, when you make bubble tea with powder, it doesn’t require much of you which is the nice part. Sometimes we’re lazy on a Sunday right?

The ingredients you’ll need for bubble tea (boba) with powder are the following. You’ll need the bubble tea powder of course, tapioca pearls (boba pearls) and maybe a sweetener like honey, in case you don’t think it’s sweet enough. 

And that’s it! Didn’t think it was this small amount of ingredients did you? We told you it was easy! 

How to Make Bubble Tea with Powder in 4 Steps 

Step 1— Cooking the Boba Pearls 

In this first step you’ll want to cook your tapioca pearls because this will take the longest time. Cooking time depends if you make your own fresh tapioca pearls from scratch or buying it from your local store (the internet). If you bought it from a place like Amazon, you’ll want to cook the tapioca pearls based on the instructions on the back of the packaging. 

Generally you’ll want to boil a pot of water. So with that said, grab your go-to pot and fill it with about 4-6 cups of water (use a measuring cup like this if you don’t have one). Bring this pot of water to a boil on your stove and then add your boba pearls once it has a rumbling boil. Following your package’s instructions you should be boiling and cooking your tapioca pearls for about 25-30 minutes long (use your handy phone as a timer). You can also cook it until you have the right texture you want, typically a bouncy and chewy texture is what you’re looking for. If you have a chalky or grainy texture you might need to cook it a bit longer to soften up. 

If you want to make your own tapioca pearls from scratch try to follow our guide here. The cooking time may differ with your homemade tapioca pearls than store bought boba pearls. Usually the cooking time is less compared to frozen tapioca pearls. 

Step 2— Straining Your Boba Pearls 

After your boba pearls are completely cooked and full of bouncy textures, you’ll want to strain the water with a colander or strainer like this and place your boba pearls into a bowl. In this bowl you can add honey or brown sugar syrup to allow the tapioca pearls to soak up that sweet taste as it cools down to room temperature. If you want to learn how to make brown sugar syrup at home, go ahead and read our guide here and then come back to this guide! 

Step 3— Shake Up Your Bubble Tea Powder 

Once your boba pearls are cooled down to room temperature add it into a big enough cup that you’ll drink your bubble tea in.

Now, grab a shaker cup preferably metal so that when you shake up the contents it will mix well with the cold ice! Having a metal shaker like this makes the drink ice cold very fast! You’ll want to put the shaker cup down within seconds because of how fast it gets extremely cold. 

In your shaker cup you’re going to put the bubble tea powder that you got your hands on and scoop in the recommended measured amount into the cup. Shortly after you’ll want to have a cup of ice into the metal shaker cup too. Now add about a cup of water and a 1/4 cup of your preferred milk. You won’t need that much milk because the bubble tea powder should have some type of dairy creamer in it already. 

Some milks we prefer to use are oat milk, 2% milk, almond milk and even sweetened condensed milk sometimes. See all the other milks that are popularly used in bubble teas here. 

Once everything is in place, place the lid and cap back on and go ahead and shake it for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. By now you’ll have a very cold refreshing liquid base for your bubble tea. 

Shaker cup

Step 4— Bringing it All Together 

Once you’re done shaking your cup, remove the lid and pour the contents into the cup of boba pearls that we mentioned earlier. From here, give it a quick stir to mix the boba pearls thoroughly and you’re all done! 

You now have a bubble tea made with powder ready to drink with ease! 

How’s it Taste?

Go ahead, give it a taste. Is it the same as the real deal from your local boba cafe? Maybe not, but it’s pretty darn close right? Even though it’s not quite exactly the same, your boba craving will still be satisfied. 

It’s really not that far off, you just might not taste that might tea flavor if that’s what you’re really into. 

Let us know how this recipe for making bubble tea with powder tastes for you. Simply join the conversation below and leave us a comment, we’re here to talk about boba right? Lastly, if you’re still here feel free to read one of our most popular articles how to make oolong milk tea. It’s a great recipe guide for sure! 

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