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My Thoughts On Reusable Containers & Straws

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I absolutely love boba tea. But what I also love is seeing the boba barista seal the plastic lid onto the plastic cup. The moment when you hear the ‘click’ of the seal machine, you know you will get boba soon! That drink will probably make your day a great one, but all that plastic will pollute our earth. So if we keep using plastic for our boba, the earth will eventually turn into a huge, landfill.

Whenever I go to a boba shop, I always see a mountain of plastic cups and several boxes of plastic straws crammed into a little corner. I used to believe that my end product of plastic from drinking boba for a year will be minimal, but I was 100% wrong. If I drink about three boba teas a month, then that means that I would use thirty-six plastic cups, and thirty-six plastic straws in one year. If I try to picture seventy-two objects of plastic my brain gets confused, I can’t even imagine that much plastic being thrown away! Even though some cities accept recycling boba cups, the cities that do that are very limited. Places that allow you to recycle straws are also extremely rare to find. So recycling your boba container and straw is not a very easy thing to do. But there is a solution: reusable boba containers and reusable straws!

My Thoughts On Reusable Containers & Straws

Once I figured out about my impact on the environment, I realized I needed to change my habits. Online, you can find a lot of different websites where you can find people selling handmade reusable boba containers/straws. Lots of sellers on Etsy make this container. They all have a similar style with the looks of the container, so the only thing you can customize is the color of the wide straw. The colors can vary from gray to rainbow themed; anything your heart desires (well, not really). The container is a glass mason jar similar to this that comes with a plastic lid that has a wide hole in the center so you can fit your straw there. Using this cup will benefit you and the environment to better our future for us, and our earth.

I personally bought my reusable cup and straw from YiFang Taiwan Fruit Tea in Burnaby, Canada. The company that supplies the cups is called Reusable Bubble Tea Cup. The price was about eighteen dollars for one cup and I bought two for about thirty-dollars. When I was going to buy it, I thought that the mason jar might be too slippery to hold. But, the cup is actually super grip-able! The size of the cup is absolutely a perfect size for a ‘large’ at your local boba shop. The whole container is about 25 oz., so  almost any drink can basically fit in there.

My Thoughts On Reusable Containers & Straws

One question I bet many of you are thinking about, “Why should I use my money and time to buy reusable things?” First of all, this humongous amount of plastic that is being used on this earth, is all getting dumped back on our home. If all the landfills get full of plastic boba straws and cups, then that means we will have to pour all our trash into the ocean. When the plastics get thrown around the ocean, they turn into tiny micro plastics. The ocean life thinks the plastic is actually food. They ingest the harmful material and they can even choke or die from it. So long story short, plastic is not the best form of holding your boba drink.

Overall, this article about reusable boba straws and containers, can’t change your habits, only YOU can. You can make the change and end your impact of plastic being used on this earth. You can start using reusable ANYTHING if you can. Like containers and water bottles; anything you do, can make a difference for the better of our earth!

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