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Who is Rabbit Rabbit Tea California?

Rabbit Rabbit Tea California is a boba tea shop located in California franchised by some amazing women in tech from Silicon Valley! (They love their technology and boba, we can’t argue with that!) This boba shop is best known for its high quality sourced tea leaves from reputable tea growers far from California. We’re talking the legit stuff here! In addition to great-tasting tea leaves sourced from the best growers, their store or shop is filled with the perfect ambiance for the best boba vibes. When you walk into their store you’ll be greeted with the happiest of smiles and the warmest boba service there is.

Also, they have a really delicious white boba! Apparently it’s the perfect chew with each bite, full of flavor (different from traditional boba) and it’s cooked to perfection so that it’s never too hard. It sounds like a delicious treat to us!

What Tea does Rabbit Rabbit Tea Use?

Type of TeaDescription
Assam Black TeaTheir Assam black tea is a fusion between two different blends of Assam black tea. Giving their own unique taste that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s sweet, aromatic and smooth.
English Earl Grey TeaJust like many other earl grey teas, bergamot is added into the blend in order to give it a unique aroma and taste. With a beautiful fragrance drinking, milk tea using this tea blend is quite soothing!
Golden Xinchuan TeaNot many people know this type of tea but if you do you’re lucky! This tea is very delicious with milk tea, it adds a hint of sweetness to your milk tea that is very enjoyable and not overwhelming. The balance is key!
Iron Buddha TeaIf you like fruit-based tea blends you’ll love this one that Rabbit Rabbit tea uses. With milk tea, sometimes fruit-based teas don’t work too well as it can be off-tasting, however, this iron buddha tea is a must-try!
Jade Green TeaNothing is better than a great green tea, right? As Rabbit Rabbit Tea mentions on their site this tea is calming, just like any other green tea. Perfect for a green milk tea!
Japanese Buckwheat TeaIf you’re not familiar with buckwheat tea, here are a few things to know. One, it doesn’t have any caffeine and two, it’s fully natural from buckwheat! It tastes earthy and it’s ultimately super healthy!
Mountain Sprout TeaThis specific tea is quite florally in scent and aromatics. As you sip the tea whether it’s just brewed tea or in milk tea, you’ll have experienced a floral after taste, enjoyable to say the least!
Thai TeaMany places use powered Thai tea to make their Thai tea drinks however Rabbit Rabbit tea does not. They go with the full experience of spices and dark tea in order to give you the best experience!

Best Boba Flavors from Rabbit Rabbit Tea California

  • Assam Milk Tea
  • Golden Jinxuan Oolong Milk Tea
  • Tiramisu Milk Tea

If you’re ever in town, be sure to try out Rabbit Rabbit Tea, these flavors above are some of the best-sellers they have. And we totally understand why. Who doesn’t want a tiramisu flavored boba milk tea? Add some tapioca pearls to the milk tea and you’ve got yourself a delicious drink that will make you crave more! If you’ve been here before, let us know what flavors you’ve tried!

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