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Best Boba Places in Anchorage

What is the largest city in Alaska? Well, that is easy, it’s Anchorage! The exact article you’re about to read here, although this will be about boba or bubble tea. So if you’re looking for a traveling guide in Anchorage, this isn’t quite exactly that. But if you’re looking for the best boba places in Anchorage, Alaska, you’ve come to the right place (or site). 

Anchorage, home of the mountainous terrain and adventurous lifestyle, you’ll find many who enjoy the outdoors. People in this city and Alaska in general love their camping trips, hiking trips, and skiing trips. All kinds of trips!

But what about their boba or bubble tea? Is it any good? Does bubble tea in Anchorage taste good? Well, let’s find out. Here are the best boba places in Anchorage down below.

Yogo Delight

If you’re looking for both bubble tea and sushi at the same place, Yogo Delight will hit the spot! They boast over 80 consistent 4 star reviews from their satisfied customers. They offer you a selection of sushi rolls and other types of great foods too.

You can have a seat in their comfortable store and get served some delicious cuisine! Plus some boba of course…

Many people here actually opt for the boba smoothies, and we totally get it. A smoothie just serves the soul in some particular way. One of the best flavors here to get is strawberry smoothie with tapioca pearls. You can’t go wrong with some classic flavor right?

Go ahead, if you’re around Anchorage, Alaska give this place a try. 

Boba Tree Cafe

Looking for a dedicated spot in Anchorage to create your own boba? Boba Tree Cafe is that exact place. Here they have a wide selection of milk teas, smoothies, espressos and more! Of course, you can add your favorite toppings like boba pearls on any of these types of drinks. 

Don’t spend too much time waiting, come here today and create your own boba flavor fresh! Our favorite will definitely classic green tea, matcha with boba pearls, or Thai iced milk tea.

We also like to go bold and try their espressos from time to time too. With an average of 4 plus stars, what more can you ask for from Boba Tree Cafe.

Fruitland Fresh

Another awesome contender for boba smoothies in Anchorage has to be Fruitland Fresh. And yes, their smoothies are fresh!

You’ll also find a really great selection of Korean food. Like bulgogi on a bed of rice with a side of a delicious boba smoothie. Every review that we’ve seen has been positive and rated highly so we couldn’t resist and had to try it for ourselves. We highly recommend getting a rice platter of some sort along with their honeydew boba smoothie. It’s so good!

If you’re looking for a place to grab a quick bite during lunch, this is definitely a great spot. Plus the refreshing smoothies with their great tapioca pearls are just as delicious. It’s nice to sip on this while going back to work or the office! 

TLC Cafe

Would you believe us if this place had happy hour for boba? Well believe us! TLC Cafe offers the largest city in Alaska some of the better tasting boba or bubble teas you can find. Plus, you can’t beat these prices! We recommend getting the Thai tea smoothie with boba pearls or taro with boba pearls here. 

If you’re looking for more of a treat, pair your boba or bubble tea with their delicious crepes too! They have both savory and sweet types of crepes. So whatever you’re craving currently will be satisfied, no worries. If you come here anytime soon, let us know what you like the best about it. Maybe suggest your favorite boba flavor too! 

Although Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska, it’s tough to find the right boba place. Even for us, searching around was a difficult task! Alaska simply isn’t known to have food or beverages like bubble tea or boba but we’re happy that they have some! It’d be a shame if the whole city didn’t have one boba shop for anyone to try out.

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